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Virtual International Fine Art Fair (VIFAF) is a new international Art Fair organized by “Future by Art & Posterus-Event”. An art curation and art promoting organizations, which brings exclusive art events, art fairs and representing visionary arts. Our company’s concept and vision are based and finally designed on some principles. More specifically, in VIFAF’s concept we start from the roots of mankind where, there is a whole history about it coming from the so-called cosmogonic egg, which is mentioned in the religions and beliefs of many cultures worldwide.


It’s about the creation myth and the story of human race that has never been forgotten, all of it, reflecting back to our whole spiral design of our art fair halls. This pattern starts from ground floor called planet Earth and continues to the next floors, Planets Mars and Moon having the same philosophy. Scientists estimate, that the pattern of a spiral is probably associated with the solar system’s formation. This internal symbolism is coming through thousands of centuries ago, where the main concept was, to respect the Environmental Values of the planets. So culture has been something equal and vital to life for our existence. This different approach of Culture in unique designed halls called Virtual International Fine Art Fair (VIFAF) is going to be hosted by the next generation of forums of Posterus360. Galleries, artists and designers will have the opportunity to exhibit at physical locations as well as at the Virtual Art Fair. The Art Fair will take place at the 2 upper floors of Posterus 360 including our exclusive locations Moon and Mars, with a total exhibition space of 12.000 square meters and up to +-130 booths.The full 360 surrounding view of Monaco, Moon and Mars, will give you a realistic feeling of being there. As we work with the highest newest technologies, including virtual reality glasses at the physical locations. Participant’s artwork will be placed by the team in full HD and 4k Full 360 view around.



Each booth can have promotional materials like videos playing and booth holders speaking and sharing detail with the visitor or the potential client. The Art fair will also be accessible by everyone, anywhere and free for all people around the world and that through our application reachable by any mobile device or computer.The first Art Fair will take place together with other trade shows as Vision and future and Luxury Yacht Event . All taking place, during Monaco Yacht show. Thanks to that our participants gain a very wide range of visitors wherefrom, industrials, ceo’s, art collectors and art enthusiasts are included. Afterwards VIFAF will take place as well at several other international locations as, Dubai, Miami, LA, Belgium, Greece, etc. VIFAF will also have its own exhibitor’s catalogues, that will be distributed at the physical locations while the digital version will be distributed internationally


Applications and info can be found at the fairs website: VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair,

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Tickets For The VIP Opening


VIFAF and Posterus360 will officaly launch with a VIP gala dinner. This taking place at some exclusive physical locations.The full program for our next upcoming event you find in our brochure. If you wish to be present during this official VIP opening event please order your tickets throuh our submission form.



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If you wish to pay for your tickets directly through PayPal or credit card, please proceed with the option below.





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