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Posterus-Event, Posterus360, Posterus-Marketing and VIFAF present to you a new and up to date Film fair.

This, taking place within Posterus360 and as well at several international well known film festival locations, such as Cannes, NY, Hollywood, etc.


Posterus 360 and its full concept will be presented in May 2018 Cannes film festival, including Presentation of VIFAF Virtual international fine art fair, Luxury yacht event, Vision and Future, and of course Posterus360 Film Fair.


Posterus-Event and 360 will have a booth in the center of the film industry during the Cannes film festival. This at the Palais du Festival itself,

where we will be presenting and screening several new talented film makers. Posterus360 will launch in 2019 the Virtual Film fair, this will then be taking place at Posterus 360 building, including extraordinary location such as moon and mars. There are going to be 1-2 halls with about 80 booths for film makers available and accessible by film enthusiasts worldwide. More about Posterus360 can be found at or in our newspaper.


For the upcoming Cannes Film Festival May 2018, we will be selecting up to 15 new talented film makers from all corners of the world. The 15 selected applicants will be featured at the Palais du festival, screening of their film. In addition, they will already get a booth within Posterus 360 film fair for 2019, Included within The Posterus Times and promoted at the film festival, as well featured whole year around until posterus 360 film fair of 2019.


For more information, as well full package for film makers you can contact us at FilmFair{at}

Film makers, producers can submit for participation through our submission form here below.

The submission deadline is January 30th 2018 and application closes February 30th 2018.


Film maker packages

Film makers get the following offered:


* Inclusion and preview of your film, promotion at the Posterus-Event booth at the palais du festival.


* 1 pass for free access at the Palais du festival


* Screening of your film at the Palais the festival. A 15-20min slot.


* Your poster and other own advertising at our Palais du festival Booth


* Advertising of your poster and preview film trailer at our websites, Posterus Marketing, Posterus Event, Posterus 360 and Future by Art under the event page and participants. This for 1 Year.


* Advertising poster of your film and preview trailer at all our social media.


* Inclusion ¼ page ad in the posterus times. Distributed physical at the Cannes film festival, including Monaco Grand Prix. As well distributed digital over 500.000 email contacts and available online at all our websites.


* Mentioning and inclusion in the press releases, as well distribute towards our press contacts +-5000 international contacts.


* Inclusion in our physical printed and digital Posters


* A booth of 15 square meters at Posterus 360 Film Fair of 2019. (this of a value of 6000euro)


* Inclusion of your film and poster at Posterus 360 fair September October 2018.




Intersted in participating at The Cannes Film Festival.

Pleas fill out the submission form and we get back to you with all nessasary detail. For any questions email us at: Fimfair[at]





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